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1909 Taverne Moderne

>Dig into our signature dish, Taverne Magnan's legendary roast beef and catch all the action of one of Canada's largest screens spanning 33 FEET! Reserve now.

PNorth-Rocket Parking / Entrance on De la Concorde boulevard

Monday: 4pm – 10pm 
Tuesday: 4pm – 10pm 
Wednesday: 4pm – 10pm 
Thursday: 4pm - 11pm 
Friday : 4pm - 11pm 
Saturday: 4pm - 11pm
Sunday: Closed

*Hours subject to change on event days.


1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, #401

(450) 681-5181

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Accès Physio

Physiotherapy clinic that treat and understand, whether it’s to aid in the healing process, alleviate the pain or simply aspire to a better quality of life.

Commercial Parking / Entrance on Le Corbusier boulevard

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, #314

(450) 687-0004

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Copper Branch

To empower, energize, and make people feel their best, we serve our community powerful and responsible plant-based foods. Serving healthy and wholesome foods and offering real food energy with the focus of promoting health and vitality, great taste, convenience, and responsibility. These are power food meals you can trust and feel great about eating.

Commercial Parking / Entrance on Le Corbusier boulevard

Monday to Wednesday: 8am - 9pm 
Thursday and Friday: 8am - 10pm 
Saturday: 9am - 9pm 
Sunday: 9am - 8pm 


1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, #304

(450) 680-2220

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Éconofitness is Quebec’s largest self-service fitness club chain that offers high-quality gyms at a very low cost.

Commercial Parking / Entrance on Le Corbusier boulevard

Monday to Friday : 6am - 11pm
Saturday and Sunday : 8am - 8pm

1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, #316

(450) 688-8056

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The menu offers avant-garde and modern Italian cuisine incorporating Italian ingredients in a Mediterranean ambience. Pizza is different at Gatto Matto: a unique creation that took many years to perfect. Come taste the best pizza in the world.

Parking is free for our clients inside Place Bell (excluding event nights).

Commercial Parking / Entrance on Le Corbusier boulevard

Monday: Closed
Tuesday and Wednesday: 4pm - 11pm
Thursday: 4pm - Midnight
Friday and Saturday: 4pm - 2am
Sunday: 4pm - 10pm


1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, #302

(450) 505-5051


Inspired by the California coast, Westwood Bar & Grill has concocted a menu combining the refreshing zest of the sea, the earthiness of seasonal vegetables and the warm flavours of a charcoal grill. In that sweet spot where fire meets water, our team of chefs creates incomparable dishes using only the freshest ingredients.

With a decor reminiscent of Palm Springs and a groovy musical vibe, the Westwood experience is made for celebrating while sharing a meal among friends – a feast for the eyes and ears, as well as the palate.

Without a doubt, Westwood Bar & Grill is your go-to destination for a memorable night out.

Commercial Parking / Entrance on Le Corbusier boulevard

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 5pm - 1am
Thursday: 5pm - 1am
Friday: 5pm - 2am
Saturday: 5pm - 2am
Sunday: 5pm - 1am

1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, #312

(450) 238-0450

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Established in 1985, Harden is a family-owned real estate development company operating shopping centres in many communities throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Being vertically integrated enables Harden to specialize in all facets of the real estate development process including: development, construction, leasing, and property management.

Our shopping centres are designed with purpose, a goal of becoming a source of inspiration that emphasizes cultivating a strong community spirit. Harden connects people by offering spaces where consumers can enrich their lifestyles by shopping, eating, working, relaxing and being entertained, all in one location.

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